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1AMBRA "Prism of Life"DVD+CD 200620068.810010103.99
2Гражданская Оборона "Концерт в «Б1». Зачем снятся сны"DVD20078.74401041.7
3AC/DC "Family Jewels"DVD20058.73301031.28
4SUPERSISTER "Sweet OK Supersister" (2006)2DVD20068.72201021.34
5Slipknot "Disasterpieces"лучший DVD группы20028.72201020.75
6АКВАРИУМ "30 Лет"Коллекционное DVD издание.20028.72201020.98
7Various Artists "80's DVD Jukebox"DVD20038.72201021.5
8Various Artists "Mega Hits: 80’s The No.1 History"DVD20048.72201021.22
9George Harrison "The Dark Horse Years 1976 - 1992"DVD20048.72201022.16
10Amon Amarth "Live At Summer Breeze festival 2007"(Twilight of the Thunder God. BONUS DVD)20088.72201020.8
11Mannheim Steamroller "Fresh Aire 8"DVD20018.71101012.86
12Air "Le Voyage Dans La Lune"DVD20128.71101011.41
13Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark "Messages: Greatest Hits - 30th Anniversary Edition"DVD20088.71101011.27
14Gamma Ray "Skeletons & Majesties Live"(2 DVD)20128.71101011.16
15Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) "Out Of The Blue Tour - Live At Wembley"DVD19998.71101011.66
16Kreator "Phantom Antichrist" (Live at Wacken Open Air 2008/2011)(Bonus DVD)20128.71101011.06
17The Moody Blues "Classic Moody Blues: Universal Masters Collection"DVD20058.71101011.07
18Savatage "Japan Live '94"(Bonus DVD)20108.71101010.98
19Proto-Kaw "The Wait of Glory"CD+DVD, special edition 200620068.71101011.42
20Talk Talk "Natural History: The Very Best Of Talk Talk"DVD20078.71101011.41
21NITS "Urk"DVD+2CD 1988 (2006)20068.71101011.13
22New Trolls "Concerto Grosso New - Trilogy Live"DVD20078.71101011.14
23Supertramp "The Story So Far..."DVD20028.71101013.59
24Saga "Silhouette"DVD20038.71101011.09
25Калинов Мост "Живая коллекция"DVD19978.71101010.79
26Ultravox "Monument"DVD20098.71101011.42
27A Rockumentary by Martin Di Bergi "This Is Spinal Tap"DVD20048.711010113.22
28Deep Purple "Deepest Purple: The Very Best Of Deep Purple"DVD20108.71101011.69
29Moscow Music Peace Festival4 DVD BOX20088.64699.8671.12
30Jacques Loussier Trio “Play Bach” DVD20048.61599.8361.59
31Eric Clapton "Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010"DVD20108.61599.8362.62
32Nirvana "Unplugged in New York"DVD20078.62319.63243.85
33blu::elements "Forsenses"Blu-ray, DVD20098.571079.73112.43
34Cream "Royal Albert Hall-2005"2DVD20058.56789.7581.77
35Каста "Каста"Первый DVD20078.52399.7541.39
36Paul McCartney "The McCartney Years"DVD20078.52399.7546.15
37Eric Clapton "Crossroads Guitar Festival 2004"DVD20048.45779.6381.98
38Nine Inch Nails "Live - Beside You in Time"DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray20078.4869.5692.18
39The Traveling Wilburys "Collection"DVD+2CD20078.4869.5691.64
40Marillion "Recital Of The Script"DVD20038.28199.525.69
41The Jazz Channel Presents Herbie HancockDVD20018.28199.521.61
42David Bowie "Glass Spider Tour"DVD20078.28199.525.07
43Portnoy Sheehan MacAlpine Sherinian "Live in Tokyo"DVD, Blu-ray20138.28199.522.91
44Pat Metheny "Imaginary Day Live"DVD20068.28199.520.96
45Epica "2 Meter sessies: We Will Take You With Us"(DVD + CD)20048.28199.521
46Bryan Ferry "The Best Of Bryan Ferry"DVD20098.28199.521.24
47Robert Plant "Nine Lives"DVD+9CD Box20068.15289.3331.69
48Boney M. "The Magic Of Boney M."DVD20068.15289.3334.12
49A-Ha "Headlines And Deadlines - The Hits Of A-Ha"DVD19918.15289.3331.37
50KANSAS "Sail On 1974-2004"DVD+2CD Box20048.15289.3331.69
51Sade "Life Promise Pride Love"DVD19938.15289.3331.27
52Man Doki Soulmates "Absolutely Life"DVD+CD 200320038.15289.3331.13
53Falco "Everything"DVD20098.15289.3332.12
54Iron Maiden "En Vivo!"DVD20128.15289.3331.39
55Tchaikovsky / Gergiev "Nutcracker"DVD20078.14659.2971.2
56David Gilmour "On An Island"CD+DVD limited edition 200620068.091019.18113.13
57Heaven & Hell "Radio City Music Hall Live 2007"DVD20078.011189.08133.93
58Porcupine Tree "Anesthetise"DVD, Blu-ray20107.931089122.35
59Therion "Celebrators Of Becoming"4DVD Box Set20087.8636943.92
60Haggard "Awaking the Gods"DVD20057.8627931.72
61David Bowie "The Best of"DVD20027.8627931.84
62Sparks "Lil' Beethoven: Live In Stockholm"DVD20047.8627931.47
63Dark Tranquillity "Where Death Is Most Alive"(2 DVD)20097.8518920.72
64Van Halen "Video Hits, Volume 1"DVD19987.8518921.31
65Manfred Mann’s Earth Band "Angel Station In Moscow"DVD20037.8518922.12
66U2 "18 Videos"DVD20067.8518921.1
67Japan "The Very Best Of Japan"DVD20067.8518921.31
68Annie Lennox "Totally Diva"DVD19927.8518921.44
69Smokie "Gold 1975-2015: 40th Anniversary Gold Edition"DVD20157.85189229.85
70The Moody Blues "Lovely to See You Live"Blu-ray, DVD20057.8518926.67
71Behemoth "Evangelia Heretika"(2 DVD)20107.8518921.17
72Freddie Mercury "Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs"2CD + 2DVD20067.8518921.54
73Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow "Black Masquerade"DVD19957.849916.76
74Everlost "Demolishing The Stage: Live Chronology"Промо DVD20077.849910.92
75Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers "Playback"DVD20007.849912.64
76Freedom Call "Live in Hellvetia"(2 DVD)20117.849910.88
77Cerrone "Culture"DVD20047.849911.37
78Jethro Tull "Slipstream"DVD20047.849913.42
79Dar Williams "Live at Bearsville Theater"DVD20077.849911.09
80INXS "I'm Only Looking / The Essential INXS"DVD20057.849911.36
81Paul Van Dyk "Global"CD+DVD20037.849911.67
82Venom "Black Metal (Bonus DVD)"(DVD+CD)20097.849910.78
83ELO & Olivia Newton-John "Xanadu"DVD20057.849912.25
84The Flaming Lips "VOID - Video Overview In Deceleration, 1992-2005"DVD20057.849911.29
85PFM "Stati di Immaginazione"DVD20067.849911.04
86Steve Miller Band "Fly Like An Eagle"DVD+CD 30th limited edition20067.849911.11
87Tool "Vicarious"DVD20077.849911.15
88Yann Tiersen "La Traversee"DVD20057.849910.82
89John Wetton "Live In The Underworld"DVD20037.849910.96
90Audioslave "Live In Cuba"DVD20057.849911.06
91PFM "Premiata Forneria Marconi Live In Japan 2002"DVD20027.849910.99
92Midge Ure "Rewind - The Greatest Hits Tour"DVD20017.849911
93Kiss "Kissology - The Ultimate Kiss Collection Volume 1 1974-1977"DVD20067.849911.44
94Spiritual Beggars "Live Fire!"DVD20057.849911.41
95Norman Granz' Jazz in Montreux Presents Milt Jackson & Ray Brown’ 77DVD20047.849911.03
96AYREON "The Human Equation"bonus DVD, 2004 (и неофициальный с перев20047.849911.07
97Various Artists "MTV20 - Pop"DVD20017.849911.43
98Gregorian "The Masterpieces"The Original DVD - Live in Prague20077.74538.8361.51
99AC/DC "Plug Me In"3DVD-box (Limited Edition)20077.7448.851.18
100Evanescence "Anywhere But Home"DVD+CD20047.7448.851.75
101Deep Purple "Concerto for Group And Orchestra"DVD20027.59528.6761.78
102Roger Waters "In The Flesh - Live"DVD20007.56268.6731.16
103Eurythmics "Greatest Hits"DVD19917.56268.6731.32
104Enya "The Video Collection"DVD20017.56268.6731.06
105Сурганова и Оркестр "Кругосветка"DVD+2CD20067.52438.651.74
106Uriah Heep "Bird Of Prey: Best Of... Part One"DVD "Live From London"20067.41178.521.38
107Tristania "Widow's Tour"(Bonus DVD for “Midwinter Tears“)20057.41178.520.78
108Boney M. "Fantastic Boney M. On Stage & On The Road"DVD20077.41178.521.46
109Camel "Curriculum Vitae"DVD20037.41178.521.54
110Toto "The Ultimate Clip Collection"DVD20037.41178.521.09
111Blondie "Greatest Video Hits"DVD20027.41178.521.02
112Ozzy Osbourne "Memoirs Of A Madman"DVD20147.41178.5211.16
113Whitney Houston "The Greatest Hits"DVD20007.41178.521.58
114A Perfect Circle "aMOTION"DVD20047.41178.520.96
115Golden Earring "Live in Ahoy"DVD+CD 200620067.27258.3331.45
116Deep Purple "New, Live & Rare - The Video Collection 1984-2000"DVD20027.27258.3331.4
117Rammstein "Volkerball"2DVD+CD (special edition)20067.24668.2582.68
118"Через Вселенную" Across the UniverseDVD20077.0148861.52
119Duran Duran "Arena (An Absurd Notion)"DVD20046.9932842.75
120The Sweet "The Greatest Hits – Sweetlive"DVD20046.9816821.19
121Sonata Arctica "Live In Finland"(2 DVD)20116.9816821.14
122Styx "Return To Paradise – The Concert Video"DVD19996.9816822.34
123Arabesque "Greatest Hits"DVD20056.9816820.98
124Marillion "Live From Loreley"DVD20046.9816821.07
125Japan "Video Hits"DVD20016.9816821.11
126Rage "Strings To A Web"(Bonus DVD)20106.9816820.93
127Dennis DeYoung "The Best Of Dennis DeYoung"DVD20056.9816821.24
128America "Live at the Sydney Opera House"DVD20046.978811.29
129Camel "Pressure Points"DVD20036.978811.28
130Styx "The Best Of Styx"DVD20046.978811.25
131Eric Clapton "Live at Montreux 1986"DVD20066.978810.99
132Roxy Music "The Thrill of It All: A Visual History 1972-1982"DVD20076.978810.86
133Korn "live at CBGB"(Bonus DVD)20046.978810.72
134Moby "18"DVD20036.978811.41
135Kiss "Kissology - The Ultimate Kiss Collection, Vol. 3: 1992-2000"DVD20076.978812.67
136Twisted Sister "Double Live: North Stage '82 / New York Steel '01"(2 DVD)20116.978811.07
137Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark "Architecture & Morality"DVD20076.978811.4
138Airbourne "Runnin' Wild"Bonus DVD20086.978810.64
139Metallica "St.Anger Rehearsals"(Bonus DVD)20036.978811.02
140Katatonia "The Black Sessions"Bonus DVD20056.978811.04
141Kiss "Kissology - The Ultimate Kiss Collection Volume II 1978-1991"DVD20076.978811.34
142Powerwolf "The Wacken Worship - Live At Wacken"bonus DVD from "Bible Of The Beast" '0920096.978810.8
143Mike Hodges / Queen "Flash Gordon"CD+DVD20066.978811.28
144Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow "Live At Budokan, Tokyo"DVD20066.978811.27
145Black Sabbath "The Black Sabbath Story Volume One"DVD20026.978811.2
146Sabaton "World War Live: Battle of the Baltic Sea"(Bonus DVD; a.k.a "Rockstad Falun")20116.978811.06
147VA "Original Artists Collection: 70s Best Hits!"DVD20076.978811.04
148Stephane Sednaoui "Director's Series Vol. 7 – The Work Of Director Stephane Sednaoui"DVD20056.978811.15
149Dream Theater "XX Score"2 DVD, 200620066.89557.8671.8
150RAINBOW "Final Cut" & "Live Between the Eye2DVD 1982+1985 (2006) официальный20066.76547.7172.03
151Camel "Footage II"DVD20056.54157.521.2
152Pet Shop Boys "А Life In Pop"DVD20066.54157.521.35
153Pink Floyd "Delicate Sound of Thunder"неофициальный DVD из LD20026.47377.452.89
154Man Doki Soulmates "Legends of Rock"CD+DVD 200420046.114720.97
155Rush "Replay X3 2006"3DVD+1CD Box20066.114721.16
156George Michael "Twenty Five"2DVD20066.114721.13
157The Police "Every Breath You Take"DVD20036.114723.63
158Dark Funeral "Angelus Exuro pro Eternus"(Bonus DVD)20096.17710.75
159AleStorm "Black Sails At Midnight"(Bonus DVD)20096.17710.74
160Mr Big "Back To Budokan"DVD20096.17710.72
161Tyr "Land (Live At Wacken 2007)"(Bonus DVD)20086.17710.68
162Rage "Carved In Stone"(Bonus DVD)20086.17710.74
163Caravan "A Knight In London"DVD20036.17710.93
164Various Artists "Asian Adventures"DVD20086.17712.25
165AXXIS "20 Years of Axxis - The legendary Anniversary live show"(2 DVD)20116.17711.03
166God Seed "Live at Wacken"(Bonus DVD)20126.17711.11
167ABC "Absolutely – Classic Clips"DVD20036.177119.81
168Machine Head "The Blackening"Bonus DVD20086.17710.8
169Midnight Oil "The Ultimate Clip Collection"DVD20036.17711.15
170Korpiklaani "Tervaskanto"(Bonus DVD)20076.17710.66
171JORN "Live In Black"(bonus DVD)20116.17710.97
172Misanthrope "IrremeDIABLE"[bonus DVD]20086.17710.73
173Soulfly "Omen"(Bonus DVD)20046.17710.69
174Guano Apes "Planet Of The Apes"The DVD Documentary20056.17711.37
175Bucks Fizz "The Very Best"DVD+CD20075.67136.521.3
176Smokie "Take A Minute / Live In South Africa"DVD20105.53196.3332.16
177Disturbed "Indestructible in Germany"(Bonus DVD)20085.236610.92
178Galneryus "Live in the Moment of the Resurrection"(2 DVD)20105.236610.91
179David Bowie "Serious Moonlight"DVD20065.236611.05
180Various Artists "Great Concertos"10 DVD-Set20095.236610.94
181Das Ich "Panopticum"(LP "Cabaret" Bonus DVD)20075.236610.75
182U.F.O. "The Misdemeanor Tour"DVD20025.236610.87
183Santana "Sacred Fire – Live In Mexico"DVD19935.236615.18
184Heaven Shall Burn "Invictus (Iconoclast III)"(Bonus DVD)20105.236610.66
185Overkill "Live At Wacken Open Air 2007"(«Immortalis» bonus DVD)20075.236610.73
186Xandria "Now & Forever"(Bonus DVD)20085.236610.76
187Disturbed "Ten Thousand Fists"Tour Edition Bonus DVD20065.236610.67
188Arjen Lucassen's Star One "Live on Earth"DVD+2CD Box20035.236611.29
189MUSE "SongBook & Live 2006"2DVD, неофициальный20075.236611.38
190Nazareth "Dressed To Kill"DVD20075.236615.89
191Helstar "30 Years of Hel"(DVD + 2 CD)20125.236611.96
192Edguy "Superheroes"heroic DVD edition20054.8115.520.9
193Rock Milestones "Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here"DVD20054.3720542.13
194Pink Floyd "Reflections and Echoes"4DVD - limited edition20054.3615531.47
195David Bowie "The Best Of David Bowie 1980 / 1987"DVD + CD20074.3610521.31
196FREE "Free Forever" (2006)2DVD20064.3610521.17
197Das Ich "Lava: Addendum"(LP "Lava" Bonus DVD)20044.355510.68
198Deathstars "Night Electric Night"(Gold Edition - Bonus DVD)20094.355511.03
199Grave Digger "Live At The Rock Machina Festival"(Bonus DVD к EP "Yesterday" 2006)20064.355510.67
200Fancy "Best Of...Die Hits Auf Deutsch"DVD20033.498429.09
201White Noise "In The Hall Of The Mountain King"DVD20042.613311.12
202Symphony X "Paradise Lost"Bonus DVD20071.3131.520.78
203Therion "Theli" Bonus DVD201400008.63
204Iron Savior "Live At The Final Frontier"[DVD + 2 CD digipack]201500006.01
205Paradise Lost "Draconian Times MMXI"(2 DVD)201100001.18
206Slayer "Repentless (Live At Wacken 2014)"Bonus DVD201500005.54
207Avantasia "The Flying Opera - Around The World In 20 Days - Live"(2 DVD)201100001.1
208Stratovarius "Eternal"Bonus DVD201500006.02
209The Big 4 "Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax - Sonisphere Festival Sofia Bulgaria"2 DVD201000001.12